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At Integrity Audio we have four primary design principles that are the basic framework from which we operate. We feel that what clearly separates us from our competitors is our ability to apply the knowledge gained from previous projects to each subsequent project. This consistent feedback into the design process insures repeatable reliable design architectures that evolve with emerging technologies while maintaining consistent ease of use and a high level of performance. With our knowledge and experience we can create the solution for any design criteria.


1. Ease of Use

At Integrity Audio ease of use is the first principle for any of the systems we design. However, this is the one principle that often gets overlooked by other companies. No matter how great the system is if you do not feel comfortable with using it, the system will not be used. We work hard to design systems that are easy enough to use that they become an everyday part of your life.


2. Reliability

Reliability starts by choosing brands that have a proven track record of reliability. However, a truly reliable does not stop there. The design must also take into account compatibility between all of the components. These components must also be protected from damage by electrical surges and overheating. Perhaps the most important element is to implement the design using consistent and professional installation techniques.


3. Aesthetics

Each system we design is tailored to fit your home and lifestyle. Whether it’s speaker grills painted to match your decor or outdoor rock speakers surrounding your patio, pool and garden. We fit our systems to fit your lifestyle


4. Performance

Beyond being easy to use, reliable and attractive, we want your system to perform to your expectations. Depending on how you want to use your system, the budget considerations and your lifestyle, we custom design a system that performs the way you have always dreamed.


Integrity Audio is a Custom Integration company. Every design is unique and therefore all products are considered special order and are not able to be returned. Once there is an agreement and payment to Integrity Audio it is understood that the project has commenced and can no longer be cancelled, with the exception of the three day period required by state law. Changes after agreement are often necessary and will be handled through change orders, where needed.

“Working with Ted and Integrity Audio was a pleasure from the first phone call to the last set of instructions. He was knowledgeable, innovative, and very patient when designing our home audio system to be user friendly and fit within our budget. The quality of our new system is excellent and a joy to use and listen to.
I would recommend Integrity Audio without hesitation for anyone looking for a quality, professional design and installation of their home audio system.”


Karen, Maple Glen, PA

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